Private Key Management

Multis does not store your private keys, and we never will. Instead, Multis currently offers two types of key management to control accounts.

  • External key management

  • Internal key management

    • Integration with Torus customauth (frontend embedded private key) to offer a seamless experience

The key is only used for signing purposes.

What happens if one owner loses their private keys?

If you are connected with an external key (Metamask or Ledger): This would only occur to a user associated with an external key (Metamask or Ledger). In this case, the admin would remove the previous owner and add them again with another email address.

Suppose you are connected with an internal (Torus) key. You can't lose your key because Torus has it, but you can lose access to your email, preventing you from accessing your private key from Torus.

In this case:

  • You can manually back up your private key (carefully, put it in a safe place)

  • Get an admin to invite you to join Multis with a different email address

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