Crypto payment

Multis supports payments on Ethereum mainnet and Polygon networks. If you have any other needs regarding network support, feel free to reach out at

Step 1 - Hit "Send" on the toolbar on the left. Select the source wallet and the currency you wish to send out.

Step 2 - Select your recipients. This can be done manually or by importing a pre-filled CSV, including addresses and amount

You can pay up to 80 recipients in a single transaction, saving up to 30% on gas fees. If you do not have a CSV file ready, you can click "Download a CSV template" and fill out the template provided by Multis. Otherwise, you can use the Manual option and add your payment lines one by one.

If your contact is not in your contacts lists, select "create new contact," and a prompt to fill out the new contact's information will pop up.

Step 3 - Fill in the amount for each recipient and hit Preview

Step 4 - Review your payment and the gas fees. To submit it, add a category and a note (optional). Hit Send payment - you're all set!

Teammates can initiate transactions, but admins will have to approve them.

Tip -> Save any payment as a template to avoid filling in the same details all over again. To do so, hit Save payment template on the transaction detail of any outgoing transactions

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