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Getting started

Learn about our product and what it can do for you.

What's Multis can do for you?

1. Monitor your crypto organization's finances.

  • Sync multiple wallets on Ethereum, Bitcoin, BSC, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum networks
  • Get actionable financial insights on inflows, outflows and more
  • Keep an eye on your assets, wallet balances, and compute gains & losses
  • Replaces: spreadsheets, third-party reports, and dashboards (e.g. Zapper)

2. Spend your treasury with crypto or USD

  • Convert crypto to USD in seconds
  • Pay anyone you want via crypto on the Ethereum and/or Polygon networks
  • Replaces: Exchanges (e.g, Coinbase, Kraken, Binance)

3. Analyze transaction patterns at a glance

  • Get full visibility into every transaction across multiple wallets and networks
  • Reconcile transactions with custom notes, categories, and attachments
  • Search and filter by assets, wallets, contacts, and more
  • Replaces: spreadsheets, third-party reports, and dashboards (e.g. Zerion)

4. Streamline & delegate accounting

  • Export transactions data in CSV format
  • Streamline accounting by exporting in Quickbooks or Xero-ready formats
  • Give reading rights to your accounting team
  • Replaces: spreadsheets and manual account reconciliation

5. Manage crypto finances collaboratively.

  • Invite teammates and accountants and give different rights, from admin to read-only
  • Empower your non-technical team with easy-to-set approval workflows to make up to 60 ERC20 payouts in one go
  • Receive real-time alerts for transactions requiring approvals
  • Manage multiple multisignature wallets at scale
  • Replaces: Gnosis Safe app and individual browser wallets (e.g. Metamask)