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Convert crypto & USD

Multis enables USD bank account holders to convert crypto directly from their Gnosis Safe. To link a Gnosis Safe and to get verified for USD accounts, create an account on Please note that only US-registered companies are eligible to the corporate exhange. To know how to get register for fiat, please click here.

Conversion is available for USDC on the Ethereum mainnet network.

To convert crypto (USDC) to fiat (USD), please follow the below guidelines:

Step 1 - Hit "Convert USD" in the sidebar

Step 2 - You can switch from buying to selling crypto thanks to the "Buy" and "Sell" buttons at the top of the tab bar.

You can see the balance associated with the crypto wallet and USD account at the top right corner of the fields.

Step 3 - Let's choose "Sell" in this example, we're going to convert 10,000 USDC to USD. Enter the amount of USDC you wish to convert and click "Preview" to display the fees.

Step 4 - The conversion detail and the associated fees are displayed on the following screen. Hit "Convert" to submit the transaction.

Step 5 - Your conversion is now pending.

- If you're the sole admin on your Gnosis Safe, the transaction will become Settled - If your approval threshold is higher than 1, we strongly recommend sharing the transaction link with other admins in the hour following the submission. Once approved, the transaction will become Settled.

Congratulations, you've just converted crypto to fiat directly from your Multis account! 🎉

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