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How to invite your team

Gnosis Safe is a multi-signature wallet. This wallet is therefore designed for teams.

To invite your co-workers or contributors to your wallet, go to ⚙️ Settings > Team and add their emails. They will receive an invitation link via email. New members are by default "Teammate", but you will be able to change for "Admin" right after they have joined the workspace.

On Multis, different levels of access are available:

  • Admin: Full access to account settings and spending. Only admins can approve transactions. If you open a Multis account, you are automatically an admin.

  • Teammate: Restricted from spending. If you invite a colleague to Multis, they will be automatically listed as a teammate when they accept the invitation. It's up to the admin to change their status. Teammates can also initiate a payment. However, they cannot approve them.

To promote a member from Teammate to Admin, other admins will need to approve the change (if the approval threshold and/or the number of admins are higher than 1 on your wallet).

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