Add contacts via CSV import

We offer another way to add contacts for companies with a more significant contact book.

To import a CSV file of contacts:

  • Step 1 - From the left of the page, go to 'Contacts".

  • Step 2 - Click on "CSV import' in the right-hand corner.

  • Step 3 - Hit "Show example CSV" to see the expected format of the CSV file.

  • Step 4 - Click on 'Upload a CSV file' in the left-hand corner.

Remember that the expected CSV columns are NAMES, NOTES, WALLET ADDRESS, WALLET NAME, and WALLET NETWORK and that the uploaded CSV must contain headers.

Using Multis, you will only be able to link or create a Gnosis Safe on the Ethereum network. However, you can track wallets on multiple networks. Adding contacts on different networks won't make you able to pay them on those ones, but will make your transactions history cleaner.

  • Step 5 - Choose the CSV file from your desktop.

  • Step 6 - Click on 'Import' in the right-hand corner.

  • Step 7 - The contacts from the CSV must now appear on the Contact page.

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