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Welcome to Multis
Learn about who we are and how we can help you manage your crypto treasury.

Multis allows web3 organizations to manage crypto treasury, run crypto payroll, perform cash flow management, track spending across all crypto wallets, and set up a spending policy.
On top of that, US-registered companies are eligible for our USD accounts. They can convert their cryptocurrencies to USD instantly and spend them using Multis' corporate cards. Get verified within a day by clicking here.
This documentation is here to help you get started. We can also give you a 15-minutes onboarding session to show you around. Just book a slot here.
Thanks for being here. Let's build the future of finance together and help you get clarity and control over your finances! 🤗

We help you manage your organization's crypto finances. Built on Gnosis!

Multis is your single source of truth, so you always know what's going on with your organization's crypto

Get insights and monitor team's crypto transactions to prevent issues with token payouts.

Spend and close your books 5x faster. You don't need to hire dedicated people to process and log crypto transactions anymore.

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